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Ansgarius Svensson AB has received funding from the European Agricultural Fund to invest in existing facilities.
Angarius Svensson AB

A company that take advantage of forest resources with respect!

Ansgarius Svensson AB Professionals in quality woods for over 50 years!
We produce in sizes from 16 mm up to 100 mm thick. The timber is air dried in the timber yard or in our kilns. For best results each plank / board is inspected (after drying), measured and the quality is then determined manually by our trained inspectors that have long experience of measuring the special range that we produce. Currently we have 12 people working in our production, and 3 office staff.

Our clients are window-list producers, cabinet-makers and wood wholesalers in Europe. We export approximately 70% to Germany and 15% to Italy, Denmark, England and the rest in Sweden as well as other countries.
We provide a well-grown, knot-free and resin-rich heartwood, which when properly used is a very resistant material. Wood is the material that fits well with today's and tomorrow's cycle-conscious  society. Through a well-stocked warehouse and a good working relationship with shippers, we offer the best service with prompt deliveries. We have all of the resources necessary to become a reliable supplier of quality woods for your company.


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