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Ansgarius Svensson AB has received funding from the European Agricultural Fund to invest in existing facilities.
PEFC Certifikat

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Angarius Svensson AB

Environmental policy

At Ansgarius Svensson AB, the environment is an important part of our business. We work together with the forest companies / owners * to ensure that when harvesting is done it is with minimal environmental impact and minimal damage to residual trees.

We shall comply with applicable legislation and follow PEFC´s™ and FSC®’s requirements and intentions, and so far as possible, make sure that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized harvesting and key habitats; Illegally harvested wood; Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights; Wood from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities; Wood from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use and Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted. Operations are to be undertaken and improved in such a way as to reduce the possible negative impact on the environment, violating the ILO core conventions.

The raw material should, as far as possible, come from an environmentally-adapted certified forestry. Ansgarius Svensson AB will appear to increase this volume.

We will responsibly fulfill our commitment towards employees, the community, the environment and contractors.

We take advantage of the log. That which does not turn into boards and planks become bio products such as sawdust, bark chips and pellets  which are then delivered to the district heating to heat the homes and industries.

Ansgarius Svensson AB sorts the waste and leaves it to recycling companies. We are working to reduce water and electricity consumption. We work for a healthy working environment. The major changes to the environmental aspects included in the meeting summary.

Our environmental efforts to create favorable conditions for sustainable business development and increased competitiveness. We comply with existing laws, regulations and permits. Through continuous improvement is our ambition to be a leader and a role model for the European market.

*Most of our raw material suppliers are certified according to FSC®’s and PEFC´s™ principles and criteria.

FSC®’s (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC is an international, independent, nonprofit organization for certification of forestry that meets specific environmental, social and economic demands.

PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest). PEFC™ is an international certification system, primarily for family forestry. PEFC™ certification means that raw materials come from sustainable forestry which operated with nature, environmentally and socially responsible.



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