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Ansgarius Svensson AB has received funding from the European Agricultural Fund to invest in existing facilities.
Angarius Svensson AB

Ansgarius Svensson AB

is a family-owned quality sawmill founded in 1962. The sawmill is located in Södra Vi, 10 km north of Vimmerby in Småland. Södra Vi is in the centre of the area where the well known Vimmerby pine (high quality) grow.

We cut using the frame saw method which is the absolute best saw method of cutting heavy timbers.
With this frame saw we are able cut in the correct place in large stock dimensions. The result being that we can deliver very high quality boards and planks.

The raw material is the butt logs of pine, spruce and larch of the highest quality coming from an area between Småland and Värmland. Also imported are some pine and spruce from Norway.
We produce annually approx. 12 000 cubic meters pine, approx. 3000 m³ of spruce and approx. 2000 m³ larch in sawn timber.


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